Will Pack

Will Pack

Area Director

About Piedmont FCA

After spending 15 years in coaching and teaching, ministering to coaches and athletes through FCA was an ideal fit for me. I want to reach the coaches and athletes on our school campuses as well as our communities in the Piedmont Area (Spartanburg, Union, and Cherokee Counties) through engaging them with the Gospel, equipping them to be a part of the ministry, and to empower them to make disciples.

I pray that through these ministry methods that God will fulfill our vision to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.


Will Pack

Will Pack

Area Director

(864) 415-2238
Kelsi Pack

Kelsi Pack

Regional Ministry Advancement Coordinator

(864) 473-7496

Lucas Vanderwarker

Lucas Vanderwarker

Area Rep (Spartanburg D4 & D5)

(864) 509-8899

Demi Crittendon

Demi Crittendon

Administrative Assistant

(843) 499-0460
Corey Bailey

Corey Bailey

Area Rep (Spartanburg D6)

(864) 477-8387

Jimmy McFarlin

Jimmy McFarlin

Area Rep (Spartanburg D2, D3 & D7)

(864) 357-4955
Caleb Crittendon

Caleb Crittendon

College Rep

(864) 993-6046
Savannah Duke

Savannah Duke

Prospective Staff

(864) 978-2166
Holden Poole

Holden Poole

Area Rep (Cherokee County)

(864) 812 – 2215

Richard Woods

Richard Woods

Field Ambassador

(864) 425-0743
Mike Stalnaker

Mike Stalnaker

Area Rep (Union County)

(864) 426-2667

Claudia Butler

Claudia Butler

Area Rep (Cherokee County)

(864) 490-4355


Spartanburg County

John Warner – Chair
Gerod Allison
Cole Bryson
Mark Burgess
Michael Greene
Kathy Miller
Gordon Ray
Rod Rogers
David Whitaker

Cherokee County

Ben Kochenower – Chair
Dennis Fowler
Judy Hamrick
Renae Lamb
Tina McSwain
Janet Queen
Dave Rilling
Mychelle Ross
Candace Waters
Chris Wiley
Shep Wright

Union County

Mike Massey – Chair
Richard Brown
Gonzlee Browning
Doug Coleman
Michelle Kelly
Kenny O’Shields
Jennifer Roark
Gerald Roark
Mark Sanders
Robert Scott
Scott Sherbert
Angie Stalnaker
David Turner



Spartanburg County

Spartanburg County FCA Huddle Information

District 1 Schools
Campobello-Gramling School
Ms. Stutts
Thursday (Monthly) 7:15am

Chapman High School
Coach Hendricks/Ms. Kuhn
Thursday 7:30am
Aux Gym

Inman Intermediate School
Ms. Clark
Friday 7:10am

Landrum Middle School
Coach Hill/Ms. Pierce
Thursday (Bi-Weekly) 7:30am

Landrum High School
Ms. McCool/Ms. Lee
Thursday 7:30am

Mabry Middle School
Ms. Puryear
Wednesday 7:15am

District 2 Schools
Boiling Springs High School
Coach Cooksey
Thursday 7:15am
Aux Gym

Boiling Springs 9th Grade Campus
Ms. Graves/Coach Ballinger
Thursday 7:30am

Boiling Springs Middle School
Coach Fowler
Wednesday 7:30am
Chorus Room

Chesnee High School
Mr. Faust
Wednesday 7:30am
Aux Gym

Chesnee Middle School
Ms. Moore
Tuesday 7:30am

Rainbow Lake Middle School TBA

District 3 Schools
Broome High School
Coach Calvert
Thursday 11:40am
Room 706

Cowpens Middle School
Ms. Owens
Thursday 7:20am

Pacolet Middle School
Ms. Kesler
Wednesday 7:15am

District 4 Schools
Woodruff High School
Ms. Skinner
Thursday 7:00am
Humble Grounds Coffee Shop

Woodruff Middle School
Ms. Bennett
Thursday 7:15am
Media Center

District 5 Schools
Byrnes High School
Coach Anderson/Dr. Batichon
Thursday 11:45am
Football Team Room

D.R. Hill Middle School TBA

Florence Hill Middle School TBA

District 6 Schools
Fairforest Middle School
Mr. Timmons
Friday 7:10am
Media Center

Dawkins Middle School
Rayna Powell
Wednesday 7:20am
Chorus Room

Dorman Freshman Campus
Mr. Jordan
Thursday 7:20am
Multi Purpose Room (In Gym)

Dorman High School
Mr. Sobeski
Thursday 7:20am
Athletic Conference Room

Gable Middle School
Mr. Comer
Wednesday 7:20am
Multi-Purpose Room

District 7 Schools
Carver Middle School
McCracken Middle School
Ms. Kennedy Wednesday

Spartanburg High School
Ms. Jordan
Tuesday 7:30am
Senior Lounge (Student Center)

Private Schools
High Point Academy (Middle School)
April Purser
Wednesday 7:20am
Room 118

High Point Academy (High School)
Oakbrook Preparatory School
Travis Casey
Friday 7:30am

Senior Commons TBA

Spartanburg Christian Academy TBA

Spartanburg Day School TBA

Union County

Union County FCA Huddle Information

High School
Union County High School
Mr. Sinclair
Thursday 7:30
Band Room

Middle Schools
Jonesville Middle School
Coach Ingle
Tuesday 11:30
Coach Ingle’s Room

Sims Middle School
Mr. Scott
Tuesday 7:30
Health Room

Private/Home Schools
Union Christian Day
Mr. Gulledge
Monday 7:30

Christian Home School Group
Mr. Scott
Wednesday 11:30
Philippi Baptist Church

Mr. Coleman
Tuesday 7:30pm

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