FCA International

FCA lived out this command this past year as the ministry grew from 84 countries to 92 countries. The 298 international leaders reached 29,852 coaches and athletes through hosting 345 Camps. The Huddle program expanded from 1,775 to 1,913 groups gathering 39,768 attendees in their communities. Transformation happens when coaches and athletes circle up and connect year-round to study God’s Word. 

Join FCA in prayer to engage, equip and empower coaches and athletes to become disciples who make disciples in all nations. Our three-pronged strategy is: Pray, Give and Go. We are praying for God to raise up more people to have a heart for the nations. Please join us to see the world of sports redeemed through Jesus Christ by praying, giving and going.

FCA’s vision is to reach every coach, every athlete, every team and every community in every country! The Gospel is spreading throughout the whole world and bearing fruit.