Opportunities to Support Foothills FCA

Bibles – $12.50 per bible (can purchase one or provide for one team or multiple teams)

Huddle Ministry – provides breakfast for a school huddle $35-$50 a week on average. Price depends on size of huddle. Average huddle ranges from 20 – 75 students. Average cost per school year for a huddle to provide breakfast is $1,600.00 – $2,000.00.

Summer Camp Scholarships – Leadership camp $415 per student, $585 sends a coach and their spouse to FCA marriage retreat, $150 sends one athlete to team camp (team sponsorship depends on size of team) Annually we give approximately $25,000.00 in camp scholarships to students and coaches.

AMP – automatic monthly ministry partner. This is an opportunity to give an amount, that you choose, on a monthly basis to be used by FCA to advance the gospel on our local high school and middle school campuses.

Landry Donor – named after famous Dallas Cowboys coach, Tom Landry, a Landry donor is an individual or business that gives $10,000.00 or more in a calendar year. Ten years ago Foothills FCA had one Landry donor. Today Foothills FCA is blessed to have seven total Landry donors totaling $80,000.00 in total giving.


Golf tournament

$5,000.00 secures event sponsor for annual golf tournament held each fall. Publicity will be on every registration form, banners, 2 teams for tournament, and a dozen golf balls per player. Annually 30+ teams participate and $25,000.00 raised to provide resources for local huddles as mentioned above.

Development Banquet

$5,000.00 secures event sponsor for annual development banquet held each February/March. Publicity on all promotional material as well as recognition from banquet emcee. Two tables will be reserved for guest of your choosing as well as a special gift from FCA for being the event sponsor. In recent years over $20,000.00 is raised at this event to help provide necessary resources to huddles such as bibles, breakfast, and camp scholarships.